Factors to Consider When Choosing Easy-to-Hit Golf Irons

Shaft flexibility

Clubhead size

Loft angle

Weight distribution

Top 5 Easy-to-Hit Golf Irons in 2023

Key takeaway: Choosing the right easy-to-hit golf irons can significantly improve your game. When selecting irons, consider factors such as shaft flexibility, clubhead size, loft angle, and weight distribution. Consult with a golf professional, fit the clubs to your swing, and try out different options to find the best fit for you.

1. Callaway Mavrik Irons

2. TaylorMade SIM Irons

3. Titleist 718 AP1 Irons

4. Mizuno JPX 921 Forged Irons

5. PXG 0311 GEN3 Irons

Choosing the Right Easy-to-Hit Golf Irons for Your Game

Consider your skill level

Consult with a golf professional

Fit the clubs to your swing

The right easy-to-hit golf irons can improve your game

Keep in mind the factors to consider when choosing irons

Try out different options to find the best fit for you


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