Understanding the Golf Swing

The Role of the Right Side in the Golf Swing

Common Mistakes to Avoid on the Right Side

Setting Up for the Right Side of the Swing

Key takeaway: To achieve a powerful and consistent right swing in golf, it is important to understand the role of the right side in the swing, avoid common mistakes, set up properly with a proper stance and alignment, grip, and setup position. Additionally, focusing on transferring weight and power, using the right arm and shoulder, completing the follow-through, and practicing with key drills and exercises, as well as mental and physical conditioning, can help improve the right side of the swing.

Proper Stance and Alignment

Grip and Setup Position

Executing the Right Side of the Swing

Transfer of Weight and Power

Using the Right Arm and Shoulder

Finishing the Right Side of the Swing

Completing the Follow-Through

Practicing and Improving the Right Side of the Swing

Key Drills and Exercises

Mental and Physical Conditioning


How to Swing to the Right in the Golf Swing

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